CE Marking – Fabricated Structural Steelwork

The Wilde Group are pleased to announce that we are fully accredited to BS EN 1090-1 which covers fabricated structural steelwork.

This standard becomes mandatory in July 2014.  It will therefore be a legal requirement for all fabricated structural steelwork delivered to site from that date to be CE Marked.

There are four execution classes for BS EN 1090-1 as follows:CE Marking

What is an Execution Class?

This is the type / class of work that the company undertake and the required system levels are as below:

Execution Class System Level Type Of Work Undertaken

EXC 1 Elementary Quality System Farm Buildings – (BS EN ISO 3834-4)

EXC 2 Standard Quality System Buildings ( similar to scope of NSSS ) – (BS EN ISO 3834-3)

EXC 3 Comprehensive Quality System Bridges, Stadia etc – (BS EN ISO 3834-2)

EXC 4 Comprehensive Quality System Special Structures – (BS EN ISO 3834-2) (Power Stations, Long Span Bridgeworks etc)

The Wilde Group are certified to EXC2 Standard Quality System Buildings (similar scope to NSSS).

Should you require further details on our CE Marking certification please feel free to contact us 01604 586000.



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