Employees for the Quarter – Winter

This quarter a number of our staff have been awarded the title ‘Employee of the Quarter’ for a variety of reasons

The Winners are:

Justin Smith – 

I nominate Justin for his continual support on the County Mall site—from Ian, and Andy Scott

Kevin Sherlock & Adam Bandey – 

I would like to take this opportunity to nominate Kevin Sherlock and Adam Bandy for employees of the quarter for the next award, not just for their work at Jaguar Land Rover but also the other projects they have been on. They always produce a quality end product no matter what the job, with very limited fuss.– from Matt, Fran and Andy

David Kozyricku – 

David has been instrumental in taking the Far East Facades balcony project from drawing to a quality product. He never complains & always stays focused on the task at hand!- from Steve Judd

Nicola Scott – 

For her recent and ongoing work for ISO.—Ian Townsend

David Sellen – 

Customer Compliment – The driver who delivered the goods was extremely helpful and a credit to your company, even though I believe he had only been with your company for a short while’. – Mr Smitherman –    nomination from Andy P and Simon F

Well done everybody!!


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