Employees of the Quarter

The Wilde Group recognise the efforts of our staff and as such have previously run a scheme called Employee of the Month – this has now been amended to Employee of the Quarter and recognises star employees within departments meaning multiple winners for each quarter.

The winners this quarter are:

Projects inc Finance—STEVE JUDD –
I nominate Steve Judd, as despite the sometimes impossible deadlines he is given and most jobs being rush through the workshop he always tries to accommodate, not always achieving but gives it a go. During our meetings he is the one driving it and making it happen. – from Simon P

Fitter /Team – TOM SKELTON –
Tom has been running the WD Craven Park site for the last few months and has had 5 fitters working on this contract. He has kept the work running smoothly and to the set timescales whilst also keeping the office up to date with the site requirements. He has also been awarded WD H&S award for his continued support with their values. He was challenged to step up his performance and has performed to a higher level than I expected from him and has set a great example to all of his peers with a great attitude to dealing with sites day to day challenges – from Fran

Sales/Technical/Est ADAM BUNN –
I would nominate Adam Bunn ……. Reason being, has only been with us 6 months but has taken on a challenging project for an important client (Battersea Reach – St George) and has worked with the client very well to achieve agreeable designs which have varied from origi-nal concepts. In particular, Adam attended a site meeting with me and conducted an excellent presentation which impressed the client (they said as much).—from Darren

Logistics/Yard/Retail BUSTER –
He is always there, and has also started to delegate and get others working for him. Very much underappreciated, and we could not do without him. Well done buster, I really do appreciate what you do. – from Andy

Fabrication—ANDY DUNMORE –
Reason: Andy is always helpful & has willingly tackled a number of time sensitive tasks this quarter, taking the lead as necessary without being asked. from Steve Judd


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