Armco Crash Barrier

Armco crash barrier is designed to prevent collision of vehicles to various obstacles including buildings, bridges and walls. It can also be utilised to segregate pedestrians and vehicles within car parks and school yards.

Armco Barrier is commonly used on roadsides to deflect the impact of a crash and prevent extensive injury to drivers and passengers. Whilst the installation of any Armco barrier will not eliminate harm it should be used to minimise the severity of an accident with the obstacle situated behind it.

Another style of Armco barrier is open box beam; this is applied where there is risk of high impact from heavy vehicles.

Available in single height or double height and either dug in or base plated to a concrete base, this system offers a versatile solution for all segregation needs.

With options to suit all budgets our experienced sales department is on hand to offer advice and support for all of your armco crash barrier requirements.

Armco Crash Barrier