Anti Ram Bollards

A bollard is a short vertical post, the word now also describes a variety of structures to control or direct road traffic, such as posts arranged in a line to obstruct the passage of motor vehicles.

The Wilde Group are specialists in the supply and installation of all types of bollards from standard telescopic bollards to anti terrorist high security bollards.

Anti Terrorist PAS68 Security Bollards

The anti terrorist PAS68 security bollard is designed to withstand great force and to prevent terrorist attacks on maximum security sites. The Truckstopper 3 bollard by SafetyFlex is designed and successfully tested at MIRA to BSI PAS68:2007 with a 7.5 tonne truck at 30mph (48kmh) it too can follow the contour of the ground and follows corners. And again once fitted it needs no ongoing adjustment or tensioning of the barrier and the steel is good for 20 year wear, with the only need for re-painting. The bollard can be fitted with either a mild steel shroud or a stainless steel shroud shown below.  These bollards can also be retractable.

Click here to view a breath taking demonstration of the Truckstopper 3 PAS68 bollards and other bollards within the SafetyFlex range.

Telescopic bollards

Telescopic bollards are a strong and simple bollard that provided resistance within a variety of locations.  The bollard is a retractable system available both manual and automatic.  Generally positioned to prevent ram raid attacks, the simple locking device takes seconds to deploy and when the post is not in use it is concealed beneath the ground underneath a steel flap cover plate.