Chainlink and Weldmesh Fencing

Chainlink and Weldmesh fencing systems are well recognised, versatile and cost effective. At the entry Chainlink is often used as temporary demarcation fence BS1722 part 1 however due its versatility the mesh is often used as a security deterrent as the heavier gauge of wire makes it difficult to cut. Refer to BS1722 part 10 Anti Intruder (although today, this specification is commonly being replaced with rigid mesh fences as in BS1722 part 14)

The interwoven construction of chainlink also allows the finished fence line to follow the contours of the ground with ease. The disadvantage of using chainlink is that the lesser gauged wire is easily cut and assailants can readily penetrate your premises as the mesh opens up in a curtain effect.

Weldmesh in rolls is an enhanced product to chainlink and is generally regarded as being more expensive due its rigid welded construction however its security properties are greater than chainlink on equivalent wire gauges. Disadvantages are that it is cumbersome to erect and does not follow the contours of the ground very well and can be unsightly.

Both systems can be erected on concrete, steel or timber posts, with heights varying from 900mm to 3.6m the mesh is available in different finishes from galvanised to plastic coated and there are a number of different wire thicknesses according to the specific need/application of the fence.

Another option is to consider chainlink manufactured from high tensile wire known as super 70 it’s twice the strength of mild steel with a distinctive green finish for longevity.

With options to suit all budgets our experienced sales department is on hand to offer advice and support for all of your chanlink and wedmesh fencing requirements.

Chainlink & Weldmesh Fencing