The Speedgate has been in development for the past 20 years, the unique design is ideal to secure premises with limited space as the leaves fold rather than swing into place.  The unique function of the gate enables it to open much faster than a traditional swing gate.

The Speedgate can be manufacture and infilled in a number of designs including, bar infills, solid steel infill, wooden cladding and can even be used as advertising space complete with company logos and contact details.

The Wilde Group are pleased to be awarded nominated installers of the Bavak Speedgates and Parking Facilities Bi Folding Speed Gate.

There are a number of Speedgate products to choose from dependent on the nature and location of the requirement.  Below are the datasheets for the Speedgates we are able to offer.

Bavak B-Trackless Speed Gate                                       Bavak B-Access Speed Gate

Bavak B-Secure Speed Gate                                            Bavak B-Protect Speed Gate

Bavak B-Protect Bullet Resistance Speed Gate         Parking Facilities Bi Folding Speedgate